What is Your Business Circle?

Business Circle is a masterpiece of business networking. It will help you to network and expand your business connections globally in few clicks. You can establish you own business circle and expand your circle easily.

Why My Business Circle?

There are so many networking sites, then why My Business Circle?

There is a sure answer for this... all most every networking site is a complex some other way... but your business circle is for business professionals, it is simple, easy and user-friendly.

Why do you need your business circle?

Businesses are increasingly using social networks as a means of growing business contacts and promoting online. Business Circle allows you to build the professional circle of business partners. Your business circle is the platform where you can network with businesses & professionals globally. Connect the world of business, they could be your friends, peers, counterparts or even prospective business partners.

Since businesses are networked without boundaries and expanding globally, your business circle makes easier to keep in touch with other contacts around the world. Cross-border business networking will make global partners, professionals in one place.

Who is behind this business circle?

This platform "Your Business Circle" - Business Networking is the brainchild of a young enterprising group who feel that "business networking should be open and easy". It is future business networking.

How does it benefit you?

Few benefits of creating "Your Business Circle"

  • Search & connect business partners around the world.
  • Free unlimited In-mail, Instant Messaging.
  • Publish CV, business profile, capabilities, products & services.
  • Personal or business URL's e.g. http://mybusinesscircle.com/yourname (or) business.
  • Create blogs, portfolios, share videos, events, product launches, etc.
  • Invite & share your circle to the world of business.

What does it mean to me?

It means...you can have you own business circle!


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